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What's Up?

July 5th 2010

Don't know how it happened. One day we were all just sitting around our computers typing and tapping away, working hard to improve and expand TripExtras and the next thing we know weeks have passe ... read full post »

World Holidays

June 2nd 2010

“Oh I can't wait to get to all the shops and museums and...hey... why is everything closed?“ You've landed and can't wait to start your holiday. Only problem is the locals are on ... read full post »

Travel Disruptions

April 19th 2010

Well it looks like our grumpy volcanic friend has decided to keep up the whole, 'Fear my ash' routine.  read full post »

Meeting Planner Update

April 12th 2010

A few weeks back we launched our Meeting Planner. Overall we were pretty pleased with how it came out but we knew there was some room for improvement.  read full post »

Here Comes The Sun

April 1st 2010

There are things you plan for when you go away on a holiday and then there are those little things you wished you had planned for. The big things are easy to plan for because, well...they're big.  read full post »

The Flight Duration Calculator

March 26th 2010

A while back a few of us were trying to figure out if A) We were ever going to be able to take a holiday ever again and B) If we were able to where we might want to go. We ran down our collect ... read full post »

The Meeting Planner

March 12th 2010

Ever notice how hard it is to co-ordinate a conference call or meeting across several locations? Yeah, us too. So we set about devising a simple to use tool that could show you at a glance when ... read full post »

A New Dawn

March 1st 2010

Well hello there! A mere two weeks ago the all new TripExtras launched. As you can imagine we've been super busy of late with the new site but all that effort has really paid off so to celebrate t ... read full post »