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Here Comes The Sun

April 1st 2010

The Solar Calculator

There are things you plan for when you go away on a holiday and then there are those little things you wished you had planned for. The big things are easy to plan for because, well...they're big. Things like making sure you've got your passport and your tickets and (cough) booked an airport lounge. Other things, the little things - those intangibles that seem to turn a holiday from a pleasant break into a most cherished memory, those you need help with and that's what we've done with our new Solar Calculator.

“ Wow, that um...sounds not so helpful ” you say.

We say, “ We're talking walks along a beach at sunrise. We're talking watching the sun set gently behind rolling mountains ”.

With the Solar Calculator, you select the location then a month and a year (or even a specific date) and we'll tell you when the sun will rise and set, when twilight begins and ends and when the sun is set highest in the sky.

The Solar Calculator

“ Oh...that is actually pretty helpful. Sorry I doubted you. ” you say.

We say, “ Aw, don't worry about it. Now get out there and enjoy the sun! ”

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