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July 5th 2010

Don't know how it happened. One day we were all just sitting around our computers typing and tapping away, working hard to improve and expand TripExtras and the next thing we know weeks have passed. There's no excuse for not keeping you up to date on what's happened during this time but we're going to remedy that right now...

Why did you book such an early flight?!?!

Well, there are lots of good reasons for booking an early flight of course and generally the top two are price and schedule. All well and good but now you've got to get up and hit the roads blurry-eyed and pray that you can catch up on a few minutes sleep on the plane which we all know won't be happening. So what to do? Well, booking a hotel the night before you fly that's situated right next to the airport and caters to the flight bound traveller would be ideal but do such specialised hotels actually exist? You bet they do and now we can offer you great deals on them. Jump over to the Airport Hotel page or just take a peek at the big blue booking engine at the top of this page where you can get booking now.

How was I supposed to know there'd be no room for your knees?

Ok, we'd all like to fly first class exclusively (or once) but that may not happen and you might think all economy seats are created equal but that's 'economy' thinking. No, the simple truth is each airline has a different idea of how to accommodate their passengers and each plane within their fleet have their own 'unique' and wonderful little quirks so to help take some of the guess work out of the equation, we've put together some handy Airline Guides. Find out how to get in touch with an airline, details on your flight's seating (including seat pitch, width, video display type etc) as well as every airport they service. We've started off with about 400 airlines but our coverage and information will be growing steadily over the coming weeks.

Hey, do you ever get recognised for all this hard work you guys do?

Funny you should ask. Despite the new site being up only a few months we've been shortlisted for the 2010 Travel Mole Awards. Pretty cool stuff. Also, our mothers are very proud of us and according to them we're sort of a big deal.

So that's us all caught up then, at least for now. Time to get back to those pesky computers and see what other goodies we can conjure up...

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