About Us

We keep it simple.

We know the process of arranging travel can be time consuming, frustrating and quite honestly - a bore. So our goal is to keep it simple. Deliver reliable services at a competitive price and make it super easy to find and book.

We build tools that help.

When you're getting ready to travel there are so many things to figure out that it's easy to feel lost. So we're constantly building free helpful tools to make the process easier. From Guides, Converters, Forecasts and Alerts, we help your holiday start now.

Our Story

TripExtras is a travel site that was established by Valuedynamx Ltd when team members became frustrated with what they were finding in the online travel sector. Big, heartless organisations presented the same old travel services without giving a thought to the traveler who would use them.

So we decided to create our own site. A place where each service would be rigourlessly tested before we'd even think of making it available to our customers. But we didn't want to stop there. We wanted to thank our visitors by giving them a stable of free tools they could use even if they didn't buy anything from us and we'll keep adding tools just as fast as we can build them because it's fun to do and you deserve them. In short we just wanted to create a site offering a great range of services with as many freebies thrown in as we can think of.

If you're a journalist and you want to sing our praises then you should probably visit our press section or drop us a line at: press@tripextras.com

If you're reading all of this because you were just trying to figure out how to ask a question about a service you booked - boy you're lost, but that's ok because you can just click over to our Frequently Asked Question page or skip all that and fire off a quick email by visiting our Contact page.

Most of all thanks for taking an interest in who we are and we hope you'll come back to see us again soon.