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The Flight Duration Calculator

March 26th 2010

The Flight Duration Calculator

A while back a few of us were trying to figure out if A) We were ever going to be able to take a holiday ever again and B) If we were able to where we might want to go. We ran down our collective wish lists of far off destinations and fantasy get-aways but as is so often the case practicalities crept into our musings. You're tempted by the thought of flying off to lands afar but you also know lands afar equal crippling hours crammed into airline seats for what feels like days. That's when it occurred to us that a handy Trip Tool might be a simple flight durations calculator.

Our new Flight Durations Calculator allows you to quickly find out not only how many hours a flight is between two airports but the distance as well. Of course there are lots of variables involved when figuring something like this out but we wanted something quick to use so we calculate direct flights only which means you find that fastest average flight times - you know, best case scenario stuff.

The Flight Duration Calculator

You can set the calculator to return results in kilometers or miles and even set default airports which is handy if you find yourself globe trotting frequently to or from the same places.

As with all the free Trip Tools we launch, we love hearing what you think of them and are always open to suggestions, but you know what? Even if we don't hear a peep we'll keep working on new tools and services to make travel planning a little less painful. It's kind of our thing.

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