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Heathrow Airport Lounges

Relax in style with an affordable airport lounge from just £13.50

Avoid the chaos of the terminal.

Peace and quiet
VIP service away from the masses
Complimentary Refreshments
Free snacks & drinks (including alcohol)
Stay connected
TV, Telephone & WiFi
Early check-in
Arrive up to 3 hours before your flight.
Flight monitors, newspapers & more!
Fax & Internet

A little calm. A little luxury.

If you’re looking for stress, Airports are the place to find it but it doesn’t have to be that way. Regardless of when you fly, who you fly with or the class of the ticket you purchased you too can slip away from the chaos of the airport terminal by booking into an executive lounge. With over 200 airport VIP lounges worldwide at almost 100 airports, including 21 in the UK alone you can rely on finding one wherever you travel.

Heathrow Airport Lounges

London Heathrow airport lounges are a welcome oasis of peace and comfort away from the buzz of people and activity at this airport.  So why not escape the hectic pace of the terminal and unwind in one of the Heathrow VIP airport lounges before your next flight.

For a surprisingly affordable price you can relax with a complimentary drink in hand for up to three hours while you await your flight.  Whether you are a holiday maker or a frequent traveller you’ll find the luxurious and comfortable setting of the Heathrow airport lounges the perfect sanctuary away from the busy terminal.

Grab a magazine, help yourself to the free snacks and alcoholic drinks, catch up on your emails or simply relax and unwind on the comfy sofas, the VIP airport lounge experience is one of the best kept secrets in travel.  And remember you don’t have to be a VIP to book into any of the Heathrow airport lounges, so why not indulge and start every trip off in style.

Available in all Heathrow airport lounges:
•    Complimentary snacks, tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
•    Newspapers, magazines and television
•    Fax, telephone, internet and Wi-Fi

Terminal 1 Servisair Lounge
Also easily accessible to passengers travelling from Terminal 2, the Heathrow Terminal 1 Servisair airport lounge offers a relaxing atmosphere in a luxury setting. 

Terminal 3 Servisair Lounge
The Heathrow Terminal 3 Servisair airport lounge offers a peaceful and attractive retreat away from the crowds. 

Terminal 4 4deck Lounge
The Heathrow Terminal 4 4deck airport lounge is a popular choice among travellers and is the ideal family friendly lounge to keep the children entertained while providing a relaxing environment for mum and dad.  The lounge has 3 areas to cater for every passengers needs with an active area for children, a business lounge for adults and a flight viewing deck.  The lounge is unique in offering music listening posts, video games and children’s play tables.

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